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July 10, 2009
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*NOTE* This is AU people~! Dib is a merman and Zim is a merken~! You have been warned...

Dib propelled his tail faster, hoping Zim hadn't thought he'd forgotten and left. The merteen had invited the merken to meet him in a special spot where the coral reef was beautiful, but he was running a bit late. Dib groaned, some bubbles escaping his mouth, as he moved his sleek black tail faster. The moonlight glinted off of it, making the deep navy in his tail show.

The merteen smiled when he saw Zim sitting on a rock waiting. The smaller green merken smiled brightly when he saw the other.

"Dib!" Zim exclaimed happily, hugging the other. The half-human returned the gesture.

"Hi. Sorry I'm a little late," he apologized.

"No, that's okay." the merken said, and flicked his shining green tail a bit, trying to seem taller. Dib smirked.

"It's alright, Zim. I like you small," he teased. The other pouted.

"Shut uuuuuuup~!" the green one whined. The merteen sat next to him, and pulled him onto his lap. The merken sighed happily.

"I like times like these," he whispered. Dib scowled a bit.

"You mean times you sneak away from your Tallest to see me?" he spat. Zim looked at him; hurt.

"Dib, you know this is forbidden. You're a merman and I'm a merken. We're not supposed to mix," he reminded the taller boy gently.

"Yeah, yeah. Stupid rules." Dib muttered. Zim frowned.

"Anyway, c'mon." the merteen said with a grin. The smaller one looked at him in confusion.

"Go where?" he asked. Dib got up.

"Get on my back," he said, his smirk returning at the look on Zim's face.

"W-What? Why?!" he sputtered.

"Aw, what's wrong, Zimmy? Too much of a shrimp? Hmmm...?" the larger boy asked. The merken scowled a little.

"Zim is no shrimp!" he exclaimed, and wrapped his arms around Dib's neck. The half-human smiled. Victory.

"Hold on tight," he warned. The smaller boy's eyes widened.

"What are you... Ahh~!" Zim shrieked happily as his boyfriend took off at full speed. He tightened his grip. Dib laughed. He loved his time with the other; even if it was limited.

The merman suddenly veered up, and they shot out of the water. Zim laughed in glee. They landed back in the water, and the half-human took the smaller one off of his back, and lead them both up to the surface.

"You know we're not suppos-" Dib silenced him with a kiss. Zim wrapped his arms around the other's neck. The merteen smiled to himself. The smaller one whined when the half-human pulled away.

"C'mon. Race you home," Dib challenged.

"Very well," Zim smirked. Without warning, the merteen took off.

"No faaaaiiiir!" the green one whined as he tried to catch up. The raven haired one only laughed and slowed down a bit. Zim caught up to him; panting. Dib slowed down again so that they were swimming next to each other. The merken smiled, and took the other's hand.

The taller one smirked again, and sped up the pace. Zim huffed unhappily, but sped up as well. Soon, still hand in hand, they were swimming full speed ahead.

Of course, neither noticed when they'd entered merken territory. Where Dib was not allowed.

Both came to a screeching halt as two merkens appeared in front of them. Two very tall merkens. Zim looked up and swallowed nervously.

"M-my Tallest..." he stuttered. Both crimson and violet eyes narrowed, looking at the merman and merken's hands. Which were still intertwined. The green tailed one gasped and tried to pull away, but Dib kept his grip.

"What are you doing with this filthy half-worm, Zim?" Red hissed. The smaller one flinched.

"I... uhm, well..." he trailed off.

"Well?" Red prompted.

"Hey, how about you two bastards just back off?" the half-human suggested. Zim squeezed his hand in alarm.

".... INSOLENCE!" Purple boomed. The merken lowered his head.

"Forgive him, my Tallest. I beg you," he whispered.

"No, Zim. They're being unreasonable. Saying that I can't be with you only because I'm half-human!" Dib insisted. The taller merkens scowled.

"That's because a meat-creature does not deserve to be with a superior species." Red said. Purple nodded in agreement.

"Plus, you're both male," he added. The scythe-locked boy scoffed.

"Please. Like you two don't go at it every night," Pur's jaw dropped and Red's eye twitched.

"Dib!" Zim exclaimed. Suddenly, the violet eyed merken grabbed the boy by the neck.

"You are NEVER to speak to me -or Red- like that again. Do you understand?" Pur snarled. The merteen smirked.

"Yes," he said. The violet eyed one looked like he wanted to say more, but Red put a hand on his shoulder.

"Come on, Pur. He's not worth your time," he said. Purple nodded, and let Dib go. The two tall merkens swam off. Zim breathed a sigh of relief.

"Are you insane?! He could have KILLED you!" he exclaimed. The taller boy shrugged.

"He didn't. Besides, they were annoying." he grinned. The green one rolled his eyes affectionately.

"You're hopeless," he said. Dib pushed him lightly.

"You're one to talk," he scoffed. Zim pouted.

"Hey... You wanna know why I was late?" The merken blinked, then nodded.

"I got you a present..." the half-human said. The green one perked up his antennae in curiosity.

"Really?! Gimme~!" he demanded. The scythe-locked boy laughed.

"Impatient, are we? Maybe I'll make you wait," he teased.

"Nuuuuuu~!" Zim whined. Dib grinned.

"Okay, okay. C'mon..." He grabbed the other's hand again, and they swam to a cave near where the half-human lived (Because of course Dib's family couldn't know about Zim).

"Here it is!" the taller one announced, holding out a green... thing. Zim had no idea what it was. It looked half like a green dog, but the other half was a green tail.

"What is it...?" the merken asked.

"It's a SIRmaid~! His name is GIR." Dib announced. Suddenly, GIR swam at Zim and hugged him.

"HIIIIIII~!" The SIRmaid cried. The green one glared at the merteen. The raven haired boy just smiled innocently and shrugged.

"Hello... GIR." Zim said hesitantly and pet his head. The seemingly defective little thing smiled at his new master. Then he saw a fish swim by and decided to follow it. The merken swam over to Dib and huffed unhappily.

"Why did you get me an insane one?" he complained. The other smiled.

"I think he's kinda cute," Dib said. The green one pouted.

"Zim is cuter though, yes?" he asked. The half-human grinned.

"Of course," he confirmed. The smaller merken smiled.

"Good," Dib leaned down to kiss him, but...

"EEEEEEEEEEEEE~!" GIR shrieked, suddenly appearing. Zim scowled and muttered curses under his breath. The half-human smiled and shook his head.

It seemed like things were going to get a bit crazier... and he was perfectly okay with that.
~:heart: It's finally done~! I'm actually very happy with how this came out! Two things I love (ZADR and merpeople) combined in one story... :iconiloveitmoreplz:~! :meow: Yes, this is my contest entry for ~ZADRgirl's contest.


Characters (Sadly), are not mine. They belong to Tallest Jhonen Vasquez.

The story is mine, though :meow:
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